Cuisinomane: French for Foodie

Everybody hates the word “foodie,” and now the Quebec authorities are getting involved.

It was too late for publication in Eatymology, alas, but earlier this summer, the Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF), Quebec’s so-called language police, introduced the word “cuisinomane” to the gastronomic lexicon. The word is a contraction of cuisine and -mane, a suffix that roughly translates to “suffering from a mania.” Bristling at the intrusion of foodie into Quebecois discourse, the agency offered cuisinomane as a Francophone alternative to “foodie.”

Defined by the OQLF as a “person who is passionate about food and cooking,” cuisinomane got a harsh review by Quebecers on social media.

“It sounds like a superhero name if you ask me,” said Quebec restaurateur Massimo Lecas, who ran into his own troubles with the OQLF in 2013 over the use of  Italian words like “pasta” on his menus. Lecas’ battle over words with the agency came to be known as “pastagate.”